Why you should consider a timber frame house

Timber frame housing is a construction method of building that relies on the natural resource of timber to provide structural support. Timber is becoming an increasingly popular build element for modern day constructions due to its premium properties.

There are many advantages associated with custom built timber frame construction. Here are some of the major benefits:

Eco Friendly

Timber contains less embodied energy than any comparable building material and is possibly the only truly renewable structural building material available today. In addition to this, prefabricated modular components ensure offsite waste is re-used and onsite waste is minimised which results in cleaner sites, cost efficiencies and an environmentally friendly project.

Speed of Construction

Timber frame construction is 30% faster than brick and block causing less disruption for the local community and providing a quicker return on investment. Other trades are also able to work around you and can do their jobs at an earlier and predictable time.

Flexible Design

This type of construction is highly flexible in terms of design and is widely compatible with any type of cladding. Timber frame can be used for a wide range of developments from bespoke houses to leisure centres to hotels and many other buildings.

Non Weather Dependant

Unlike other building methods, timber frames can be erected in all weather conditions. A typical timber frame house can be weather tight in less than 5 days.


Timber frames are constructed very accurately in order to be erected quickly and easily. This means that a high level of site supervision is required to ensure that the exact standard of construction necessary is achieved.



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