We’re now members of the Kirkwood Business Movement

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently joined the Kirkwood Business Movement which is part of the Kirkwood Hospice.

The Kirkwood Business Movement is a group of businesses that collaboratively support the work that The Kirkwood does in the Kirklees and surrounding areas and share the same values.

By supporting The Business Movement, this allows us to help spread the word about the amazing things that the hospice do to help care for the most vulnerable people in our community. Not only can we help to promote the hospice, it allows us opportunities to get involved in fundraising events, feel part of their community and create new partnerships with other members.

The business movement meets regularly at various venues around Huddersfield, often venues

that belong to other Business Movement members. We have the opportunity to learn about other member’s businesses and the great things they are doing.

To find out more about The Kirkwood Business Movement, visit the Kirkwood website here.