6 current trends in residential architecture

As trends continue to evolve, so does contemporary architecture. Trends determine how our personal space will inspire our lives and create moods for the industry. Here are the new trends that are influencing the world of residential architecture:

Kitchens sit central

Kitchens are now the hub of every home, and keep continuing to get bigger and better. Spacious kitchens with seating areas are more popular than ever, while dining rooms are beginning to fade out.

Inside and outside blend

Rooms are now blending into the outdoors to create larger spaces and increasing natural lighting. This benefits us as outdoor elements create a refreshed and calm area, allowing us to feel at one with the earth.

Open space

Rooms with four walls are now becoming open spaces without obstructions. These spaces create minimalistic interior design concepts that can be applied to multiple floors to create an enlarging effect. 

Eco design

Today’s homes are being designed to ensure healthier and more energy efficient interiors. Using sustainable fabrics and design, homes can effectively eliminate harmful fumes and chemicals. 

Flexible spaces 

With open concept designs becoming increasingly popular, more and more architects are designing flexible rooms that have the ability to transform into a new area without the costs of a renovation or a complete makeover.

Large windows

Adding large windows helps to bring the outdoors in and provides natural daylight. However, windows are not just aesthetically pleasing but can contribute to an eco-friendly home. Large windows with e-glass help to reduce artificial lighting while also obstructing heat and harmful UV rays.


Article source – http://philkeandesigns.com/


Image source – www.pixabay.com

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