Does my plot have redevelopment potential?

Land for development is scarce in the UK. Many of the plots for sale in the current market are limited by planning permission or restrictive covenants. South and West Yorkshire have particularly high proportions of green belt land in comparison … Read More

sedum roof
Sedum Roofs – what are the benefits?

A few of the properties we have been designing of late include a sedum roof. Of course, they look great but what other benefits can explain this surge in popularity?   What is a Sedum Roof? A sedum roof is … Read More

Affordable Homes 

  Government initiatives are leaning towards increasing affordable housing across the UK. The aim is to encourage developers to build homes that are accessible to low- or middle-income households.    What does “affordable housing” mean?  Affordable housing does what it … Read More

Self-build homes: How to estimate your costs

When planning your self-build project, one of the most significant elements is assessing the costs. Often, in a build project, the costs can vary significantly, particularly if part of the project does not work out as planned and contingency plans … Read More

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