David McGrath Designs

As Architects, Fibre are probably one of the first people to be involved in a residential new build or renovation project, we know the buck doesn’t stop with us. What happens after we have helped design your new home’s exterior … Read More

Fibre’s latest residential development project

Fibre Architects have secured a project for a high-quality residential development with a local property developer. After being chosen based on our 20 years’ experience working with major and local housing developers we were commissioned to develop 12 individually designed … Read More

Why move house when you can renovate?

  Here at Fibre Architects, we have noticed that people are increasingly opting to renovate their existing homes, instead of undertaking the expense and stress of moving house. There is a growing appreciation for the transformative effects of renovation. If … Read More

What qualities makes a good architect?

Every architect’s design process is extremely personal and nuanced. However, there are some things that we at Fibre Architects think all good designers have in common: 1. They tell a good story. Our memories of places are inherently linked to … Read More

Home renovation checklist

Renovating your home can be a time consuming project. Dealing with constructors, sorting out your finances and running the project can prove tough work when having to fit it all around your normal routine. Here are a few tips to … Read More

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