Structural glass extensions – are they right for my home?

Structural glass extensions are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, and whilst they may seem quite a futuristic addition to a property, they can suit a traditional build as much as a contemporary home.

Our award-winning structural glass extension to a Georgian property in Huddersfield highlights that this type of project can really improve & enhance a property in a significant way.

Structural glass extensions on traditional homes
Benefits of this type of extension are the abundance of natural light it brings into the home, and also the clarity that it gives to the new extension in comparison to the existing property –highlighting its original beauty. Glass is obviously clear, and so can emphasize the difference between what is old and what is new. Often, a frameless style glass extension is preferred by conservation officers too as it doesn’t disrupt a building’s original architecture and adds a new clear layer of history to the property.

See more of the outdoors
Internally, as well as the increased natural light it provides, the benefit of a glass extension is that you inherently get to enjoy more of your outdoor space too. We like to call it “bringing your outdoor space inside”. During the colder winter months, you can reap the benefits of your garden from the comfort and warmth of the indoors, whilst in the summer, you can open up your inside space to the garden more easily.

Create more space
A glass extension is a great way to create more space in your home that is light and airy, and that always feels more spacious due to the reduction in the number of solid walls and frames.

Adding value to your home
It is understood that a structural glass extension can also add up to around 7% in value to your home, and so is often also a worthwhile investment when you are thinking of selling your property in the future. It can offer a great proposition to potential buyers looking for a quality modernized but also traditional style home, compared with other properties available on the market.

Additional considerations
Other matters to fully consider with these types of projects are the orientation of the glass facades, thermal requirements, solar gain, shading & ventilation, and of course cleaning and maintenance.

If you are considering a project of this type we’d be more than happy to discuss any of the above aspects prior to you proceeding, just get in touch.