Why move house when you can renovate?


Here at Fibre Architects, we have noticed that people are increasingly opting to renovate their existing homes, instead of undertaking the expense and stress of moving house.

There is a growing appreciation for the transformative effects of renovation. If you have lived in your home for some time, it’s likely that your needs and those of your family will have changed over the course of your ownership. The features that you found quirky and homely when you first viewed the property, may feel tired and cramped 10 years later. If this is the case, it’s worth investigating a potential refurbishment before jumping back on the property ladder.

If you are thinking about selling your property, ask yourself why it is that you want to move. If you are happy with the area that you are living in and have no desire to relocate, then, again, a tailored, remodelling project could work for you. When it comes to your own property, you’re the expert. You know what works and what doesn’t, for you and the people you live with. So start making notes as you go about your daily routine to identify challenges.

Ask yourself, are the issues that are bothering you simply aesthetic? For example, if you feel your home is dimly lit, then you could look at installing extra lights, hanging more mirrors or even fitting additional, large windows. A more practical problem, such as the less-than-perfect layout of your property causing disharmony in your household, then it may be time to call in the experts for a serious overhaul of your home.

The easiest way to create more liveable space is to extend upwards into the loft. Most of the work can be done from the outside, minimising the impact on your life at home. No planning permission is required as long as you do not exceed specified limits, visit gov.uk for more information. If you can’t go up, then you could go underground and create a truly unique extension to your space, but be aware this can be a costly option.

While the focus of the refurbishment is to add a new lease of life to your existing property so you can continue to live in it, the improvements you make will add value if and when you do choose to move. With the right architects and building firms on board, your property can be beautifully remodelled and your bespoke project realised.

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