Sustainable architecture is the future

The key to an environmentally positive future may be sustainable architecture. Living more economically can protect our environment, so what better way to live more sustainability than by making the structure of our built environment greener?

Sustainable architecture means minimising waste from both physical waste and energy loss. Creating buildings that consume less energy in order to keep us comfortable means that we are able to become environmentally responsible and resourceful, which are vital components to reducing climate change.

It is suggested that a new build two bed cottage produces the equivalent of 80 tonnes of carbon equivalent emissions, with the majority being in the walls and materials used. By using energy efficient methods in the occupied house, it is possible to recoup most of these emissions.

Using sustainable building practices and construction materials reduces the impact of the construction in the initial stage and therefore is a preferable option when becoming more environmentally conscious.

There are three concerns to consider when designing eco-friendly buildings; construction materials, energy efficiency of the building and, of course, the location of the building itself. By looking at traditional building methods alongside cutting-edge technologies, we can inform a brighter future. We are able to build environments that have less impact on the natural surroundings in order to shape the future of architecture.


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