Supply vs demand of homes in desirable local areas

In recent years, particularly during the last year, the property market has changed significantly. Lockdown, stamp duty holidays and even more increasingly, the availability of property, especially in desirable locations have had a huge impact on the prices of homes in these areas.


Where are the popular locations in Huddersfield?

Lindley & Edgerton – A nice mix of Victorian terraces, semis & villas, interwar houses and a number of new home developments. These areas also boast good schools, great amenities, and useful transport links.

Honley – All the benefits of semi-rural life whilst still being close to Huddersfield itself. It has good schools, links via train and some great shops and restaurants.

Kirkburton & Highburton – Two beautiful semi-rural villages scattered with a mixture of stone buildings, detached homes and beautiful views.

Holmfirth – A well-established idyllic location, which is home to a plethora of historic buildings, cafes, restaurants and artisan shops. The Holme Valley is a relatively expensive place to live but it’s very much worth it.

Scissett & Clayton West – Villages around this area are on the edge of Huddersfield with open countryside aplenty, and still provide great links to Wakefield and Barnsley as well as the M1 too, which is great for commuters.


Looking for a property in a desirable location?

There are so many prospective buyers currently looking for property, some have been looking for years to find that dream home that ticks all those boxes. Many have had to compromise with their needs to get a home in that all-important location and many are still searching.

What some buyers often miss is that their dream property could be out there and on the market, it may just need adapting to fit their needs. Your current property may even be in a desirable location with great potential but you cannot see beyond its current state.


Adapting property to fit your needs

Buying a property and improving the layout or design could be something that is missing from the equation – it could transform those dreams into reality.

It is often surprising that you can get a better deal and increase the value of your home by buying a cheaper property that has hidden development potential and then transforming it into the dream home that you’ve always wanted.

In addition, putting your stamp on something, whether that be through high quality and/or sustainable design or for example, makes it feel so much more worthwhile – doesn’t it?


If you’ve just spotted a property with potential that you’d like us to review and help you to transform, just get in touch!