Designing Your Home Extension

A high quality extension can enhance the quality of your life along with your property’s value. If you need more space, it’s well worth investing time and money and exploring all the possibilities. Many plans evolve as a practical reaction to real-life needs and desires to create the perfect space for you.

The importance of hiring a professional and experienced architect from the beginning of the project cannot be overstated. They will help you create a practical yet ideal space that stays within your budget. They can also oversee the development of the project to ensure you get the ‘wow’ factor you want.

So how do you ensure the money you spend gets the results you want? We tell you how…

Make it big

If you’re going to extend your home, you may as well make it impressive. Of course, this is without compromising on the size of your garden or quality of your home. Once you have the builders on site, the additional cost of getting an extra metre added is negligible. If you’re going to do it, get the size right.

Make it connect

The last thing you want is for your dream extension to feel disjointed from your home, so consider how it links through. Are the walls okay? Does the décor match? Does the opening to the house need to be larger?

Make it fit

Unless you’re going down the super-contemporary route, your extension has to be in keeping with your existing property. Attention to detail is key so make sure that you use the appropriate materials and correct alignments in order to create an impressive exterior.

Consider layout

Before building your extension, consider how it will work as a room and for what function. Think about the layout of your furniture before designing the space so you know exactly where everything will go comfortably. Remember to think about what that space is going to be used for.

Remember planning

It may seem like the boring part of the job but getting to know the planning laws and abiding by them is very important. Hiring an architect can deal with planning laws to ensure the process is stress free.


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