5 Trends to Shape the Future of Architectural Design

Architectural trends define a generation, creating ideas for the industry to determine how spaces will influence lifestyles. We have chosen our top 5 trend predictions to keep an eye on in 2016:

  1. Inside and Outside Have Become One

Bringing the outside in has become a popular trend in the UK.  Rooms now blend into the outdoors to create a spacious living area.  Homeowners are putting as much emphasis on the exterior of the house as the interior, choosing to create courtyards that open up the home in order to extend the living and entertaining space.

  1. Larger Windows

With architects designing spaces that allow your indoor living to blend with the outdoor space, large windows and doors remove the separation between indoors and outdoors completely.  Floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass windows and doors are replacing walls to create unobstructed views.

  1. Open Concept

Instead of traditional rooms with four walls and one window, rooms are now becoming visually connected to make the home feel larger.  Rooms are defined by ceilings and floors rather than walls.  These minimalistic spaces connect with each other to create an enlarging effect of the interior space.

  1. Eco Designs

With sustainability and energy conservation more popular than ever, they factor prominently in many client designs.  The availability of sustainable materials to choose from are cheaper than ever, offering sustainable spaces without conflicting style or functional design.

  1. Smart Homes and Home Automation

We’re seeing an explosion of new gadgets for your home that can be managed through your smartphone or tablet.  This may be automating a schedule for your heating, playing music through your speakers or designing your lighting.


Article Source: hmhai.com

Image Source: www.fibrearchitects.co.uk

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