Why you should consider a glass extension

Glass extensions are very on-trend. Not only do they create more natural light and space, but they also bring other benefits to your home too whilst increasing traditional kerb appeal.

We recently completed a glass extension for one of our clients and we’re really pleased with the finished result. The new addition has brought a contemporary angle to their listed property.

If you’re looking to create more space in your home, maybe a glass extension could be something to consider? Here are a few reasons why >

A glass extension can increase the value of your property
A structural glass extension may cost more than a conventional extension, but by creating more high-quality spaces it can add significant worth to your home when it eventually comes to selling.

Bringing the outdoors inside
Even when the doors are closed, large areas of glass give you the feeling that you’re outside and connect the house more successfully to the garden (and sky). Large glazed areas also allow you to take in any stunning views that surround you more often.
What’s more, in winter, you can experience the outside whilst still being inside in the warm.

Heating benefits
In the winter, as long as it is designed and detailed properly, a glass extension can make the most of available natural sunlight for both lighting and heating purposes. In the summer, just open the windows and doors to allow the breeze in.
Solar control glass and blinds can easily be incorporated to reduce any unwanted heat gain if necessary too.

Light & airy
It’s incredible how a glass extension can transform a space, creating light and airy living spaces for your family to enjoy.

Why not transform your dark and tired property into a new high-quality modern home that you will enjoy for many years to come?
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