Sedum Roofs – what are the benefits?

A few of the properties we have been designing of late include a sedum roof. Of course, they look great but what other benefits can explain this surge in popularity?


What is a Sedum Roof?

A sedum roof is a type of living roof, which is a layer of living plants on top of a waterproof roof surface. Sedum is a very low maintenance plant that grows very slowly much like a moss.


Green roofs have been around for a long time. With the world’s recent focus on sustainability, climate change, our carbon footprint and economic issues have meant that we are witnessing a growing interest in this form of roof construction.


Thermal performance

Without doubt, one of a green roof’s most beneficial advantages is thermal performance. One of the biggest problems facing typical roofs is poor insulation, leading to substantial heat loss in winter and sweltering conditions over the summer months.

By implementing a green roof you can improve energy efficiency and limit the need for air conditioning too. Plants absorb the sun’s energy and therefore reduce the temperature of the roof in summer, whilst aiding thermal efficiency in the colder winter by locking heat inside.


Helps with planning consent

Often planning consents are easier to obtain if there is some sort of green element to the building. Some councils now stipulate that a percentage of planning consents must have sustainable features such as a green roof due to the environmental benefits they provide.


Other benefits

  • Helps with wildlife and local ecology – Green roofs provide a microclimate for insects, birds and other species (known as biodiversity)


  • By installing living plants, carbon dioxide is reduced and quality of air is better


  • Reduces the amount of rainwater surface runoff into increasingly overloaded drainage systems, as sedum stores water within the leaves.


  • They can last longer than conventional roofs (as the roof membrane is protected by the plants)


  • They also provide good sound insulation using the combined effect of soil, plants and trapped layers of air.


  • It’s visually softer and almost like having another garden, but on your roof!


A sedum roof can be a fantastic benefit to your property. So if you’re thinking of adding this to your project, give us a call for more advice.