Reducing planning conditions and the impact on housing supply

It has long been recognised that the number and nature of conditions on planning permissions is a significant contributing factor in delays to the delivery of development and often, costs.

According to a report, 81% of housebuilders wish to see a cap on the number of planning conditions imposed by local authorities.

The report, published by DAC Beachcroft, looks at how this process affects the development process alongside the UK’s housing crisis.

It also considers whether the application of conditions is a necessary part of the planning framework, “or an unnecessary hurdle which is hindering the nation’s housebuilding efforts.”

Additionally, DAC Beachcroft’s publication shows that 88% of respondents said slow action by local authorities had delayed housebuilding. 81% stated that condition-related delays were reducing their building rates below desired targets.

At Fibre Architects, we have seen a marked increase in the number and complexity of Planning Conditions on approvals over the years, and an increase in the time it takes for Local Authorities to formally discharge these too.

We would welcome any proposals to streamline this process and make it easier and simpler to navigate for our clients.

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