Libbie is fundraising for her World Challenge Trip – Can you help?

Written by Susan Booker

In January 2017, what we thought was a bad ear infection, turned out to be that our 13 year old daughter, Libbie had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. By the time this was diagnosed she had abscesses behind both ears and meningitis. She spent the next 5 weeks on the teenage cancer unit at Leeds General Infirmary and was extremely poorly. Over the next 6 months, she had over 15 lumbar punctures with chemotherapy administered both into a central line and directly into her spine. She developed a blood clot in her heart, MRSA and was very ill with the side effects. She is now on a tablet form of chemotherapy which she will take until March 2019 and has tests every 2 weeks to monitor her. She missed 9 months of school but went back last September into her year group. She has caught up with her school work and will take her GCSEs next Summer.

We wish we’d met someone like Libbie in those first few weeks after her diagnosis. She is the most inspirational person we have ever met and we are so proud of her. She has taken all this in her stride and wants to do all the normal things a teenage girl would do. She started playing football again for her local team and one of her biggest goals now is to grow her hair long again. 3 weeks after she finishes her chemotherapy she will take part in a world challenge trip to Morocco with her school. This will involve trekking through the desert and helping in rural communities. Part of the challenge is to fundraise the cost of the trip which is just under £2000. Any donations would be very gratefully received.

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