Architecture in York – Our view

With the addition of a second office in York, it’s only natural that we’ve been admiring our surroundings and stunning architecture around this beautiful city.

We’ve highlighted some of our favourites whilst out and about –

York Minster
This is an obvious one, the very aspect of this ancient building has a story to tell. The stunning stained glass has parts that date back to the 12th century. There are approximately two million individual pieces of glass that make up the cathedral’s stained-glass windows, which makes up the largest expanse of medieval glass in the world.

York Minster is one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe and we’d definitely recommend a visit if you haven’t already.

The city Itself

The richness, intimacy and diversity of the many busy city streets, with a mixture of historic and more contemporary buildings including probably the country’s greatest street, The Shambles. We enjoy walking down the streets and catching glimpses of the Minster above the rooftops as you wind your way towards it.

Variety of buildings

The mixtures of building materials and attention to detail highlighting craftmanship across the ages is fascinating. For example the beautifully rough colours and textures of the Georgian brickwork on neighbouring buildings beautifully contrast the immensely intricate detailing of ashlar stonework on the Minster.


This commercial building by Panter Hudspith Architects on Davygate is a very successful modern introduction into the main retail area of York City Centre and has been there for over 20 years now. It still shows how well-designed modern architecture can make a positive contribution to a city whilst still respecting its historic neighbours. Excellent use of high-quality and appropriate materials, well considered façade fenestration and great construction detailing are fundamental to its success and longevity, and we applaud this as it is often rare in modern building design.