Mrs Shorrock

Our project was a 1930’s original property, with an arts and crafts style located in Huddersfield within a conservation area. We bought the property as a renovation project for our forever home, we therefore looked to engage with the right companies and contractors rather than ones offering the cheapest or quickest turnarounds. We were keen to work with companies that had experience of conservation areas and understood how to preserve the character of an existing property whilst bringing it up to modern standards and incorporating contemporary designs.

We engaged with Fibre Architects following procurement of 3 quotes to achieve our design aspirations summarised as follows: improved natural lighting; improved energy efficiency and warmth; connecting the house at 1st floor level with the existing extension and creating an open corridor and additional room; moving the kitchen to the front of the house with garden aspect and creating a family room in the previous double garage; rebuilding a double garage to the side elevation and redesigning the external space to recreate the main approach and entrance to the front of the house rather than the back door and improved parking without need to drive up the full length of the house.

On initial meeting Fibres enthusiasm, ideas and visualisation of how to achieve our aspirations really shone through. Their attentiveness and accessibility at all times was also apparent from our first enquiry, which from experiences is not something that you get from some of the larger architectural firms, another reason we looked for a local smaller practice to engage with.

Fibre architects were not the cheapest quotation we received but their estimates were more transparent and realistic, along with their innovative design submission which achieved exactly what we set out to do and more. Michael led on the design and project management service, that we opted for due to work commitments. His attention to detail and vision enabled us to agree a design that resulted in a mix of contemporary and traditional design applied in a respectful and considerate manner, importantly ensuring we maintained the character and beauty of the original property.

Fibre handled the specification of works and tender process out to several contractors and we opted to engage with Holly Bank Construction, based on their submission and examples of work viewed at other properties . Holly Bank provided an excellent service, very good quality of work and finish and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Our project did encounter some delays due to some changes to scope as we progressed, delays in production of third party supplies and some weather challenges – all part and parcel and expected with a project of this nature. Fibre and Holly Bank were very responsive and accommodating to make any necessary adjustments, support with any unforeseen issues arising and ensured that we were able to move back into our property as soon as possible. The quality of the work and getting it right was always a priority and this was clearly explained throughout the design and construction stages if deadlines were not met.

Its been a pleasure engaging with Fibre Architects along with Holly Bank Construction, David Mcgrath Designs and all associated suppliers and tradesmen. All of which have done a tremendous job and we would not hesitate to recommend them all highly.