New planning rules set out by the government


On the 5th of March, the Prime Minister set out the plans for a major overhaul of the National Planning Policy Framework which should allow for delivery of more homes for everyone.

Fibre Architects consider this to be at least a positive step in the right direction to try to increase the supply of quality new homes in this country and we hope to somewhat simplify the initial statement for you (and us) as below.

The initial outline seems to focus on the following key points:

– Maximising the use of land

– Greater emphasis on converting planning permissions in to new homes

– These new plans hope to deliver 300,000 new homes a year by the mid 2020’s

– Fast tracked planning permissions to build homes for first time buyers who have been locked out of the housing market

– Fast-tracked planning permissions to build homes for an increasing older generation

– Local authorities will have a new housing delivery test to ensure the numbers of houses required are delivered

– More freedom for local authorities to utilise ‘brown land’ that maximises density and also use of redundant land

– The ability to utilise current buildings and encourage conversions where appropriate

– Greater protection of green belt land and ancient woodland for future generations

– Ensuring developments result in a net gain to the environment where possible

– More transparent planning processes will be introduced

– Greater emphasis on design and functionality – introducing new quality standards so well designed new homes are built in places people are proud to live in

It’s all still in a consultation process at the moment but we’re looking forward to being able to help implement projects in line with the proposed new policies and are planning ahead to ensure we are at the forefront of the changes to ensure we can give the best advice and service in this respect to our clients.

If you are planning on building or developing a new home (or homes) in the near future give us a call for a free consultation.

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