Decorating mistakes to avoid in your new home


Decorating your new home or extension is an exciting time and can make a huge difference to a space and the way you feel. Before you tackle each room, be mindful of these things:

Wrong lighting

Even the most beautiful interiors can be ruined by bad lighting. Fill the space with layers of soft, flattering lighting at different heights. Don’t forget to make the most of the natural light in the room too.

Too many pillows

It’s easy to get carried away with pillows when shopping, but remember, you should be able to sit down on your sofa. Make a rule, only buy a new pillow when you’re ready to throw out an old one.

Don’t push furniture away

Putting furniture against walls creates an unwelcoming empty space in the middle of the room with little character. Make use of the space you have by arranging furniture within the room.

Don’t go crazy on wallpaper

You can do amazing things with decorative wallpaper. You can also do bad things. Be sure to keep it simple. Wallpaper should enhance the room, not dominate it.

Don’t ignore practical needs

However flashy you want your home, be realistic about your family’s needs and your budget. While you may want a glass staircase or a white sofa, having young children can mean this isn’t practical. A great space is one full of functionality.

Don’t design without a plan

Figure out what style you want before you decorate. Even the most eclectic rooms have some level of design. The last thing you want is a room which looks chaotic and cluttered.


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Increase in number of students affecting housing crisis


In 2013, George Osborne lifted the cap on how many students each university can take. There are currently 2.5 million students in the UK higher education sector with an extra 30,000 student places being created this year.

Traditionally, students lived in halls or shared private houses but there is an increasing number of private companies building blocks for student living. With the latest government plans allowing student housing to be included in overall local housing targets, student housing providers may be poaching sites that could have been used for affordable housing.

Most students have two homes, their term-time home and their family home, meaning student housing usually makes no contribution to the nation’s housing crisis. The new rules on student numbers could potentially change the shape of housing markets in some towns and cities.

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Where to spend and where to save in your new home


Chances are, when you’re planning your new home, you’ll have to save in areas to make room for other areas that are most important to you. While doing this is a very personal endeavour, it’s important to get expert advice from professionals. Here are our tips:

Spend on systems-

A system that saves energy and increases quality of life is a great investment. Aside from the benefits, systems are much easier to fit sooner rather than later. It would be a huge hassle once you’ve settled in your new home.

Spend on an architect –

A well built house is a pleasure to live in and you have peace of mind knowing that your house is structurally sound and built to last. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, an experienced architect will ensure you bring your vision to life.

Spend on custom features –

Make sure you get exactly the features you want. Splurge on custom features in order to maximise your space and make life easier.

Save on materials –

It may be possible to save on materials within the home by using remnants. You may have remnants within your home or otherwise your contractor can usually advice a source.

Save on restoring –

If you are extending or renovating your home, it’s wise to see if you can restore items in your home such as flooring or solid wood cabinets. Mixing old and new materials can look amazing.

Save on landscaping –

Think about what landscaping plans you have in mind before making decisions about the exterior of the home. For example, you may not need that extra wall or steps if you plan to add bushes in front of your property.

Remember, take your time and set priorities for your project. This will help you to budget and will make sense both now and long term.


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Work starts on Dental Surgery


We are pleased that construction work has started on New Cote Royd Dental Surgery in Edgerton.

The client contacted Fibre to design a new dental surgery on the site of his existing surgery by adding an extension to a former stable block. The stable building, which is located on Halifax Road, will be almost doubled in size, blending in with the existing style of the building by adding a natural stone extension with a slate roof. Our client will be relocating his dental surgery from the adjacent listed Cote Royd House once the build is complete.

Completion is due in late August and we hope the new dental surgery provides our client with exceptional business success.