We’re Officially ‘Forget Me Not’ 99ers


This year, we decided it was about time that we supported one of our favourite charities, Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, and become 99ers.

Forget Me Not do an outstanding job supporting families across West Yorkshire who have a child with life shortening conditions. They help put smiles on the faces of children and families during the most difficult times, ensuring that every child enjoys a happy and fulfilled life.

Becoming a member of the 99er’s club will help provide a sustainable donation to the hospice to continue providing their excellent services to families and achieve their annual fundraising target of £2.5 million.

We look forward to getting involved with the charity fundraising events and meeting other businesses who are part of the 99er initiative.

Residential New-Build To Reach Completion

flockton 4

Our modern residential build in Flockton is nearing completion. The build is a replacement detached new-build dwelling situated in a greenbelt area. The building design cleverly increases the size of the original bungalow by utilising the new roof space. Our architectural plans have allowed the owners to enlarge their accommodation space within the property significantly whilst still keeping within stringent greenbelt planning restrictions in terms of size and massing.

The innovative yet in-keeping build combines design and sustainability perfectly. Currently, a renewable energy system is being installed by means of an air-source heat pump which will reduce energy demand considerably and in a very sustainable way.

The project not only looks great but offers a sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective way of living. The build has been an enjoyable and smooth running project and we hope for completion next month.

5 Trends to Shape the Future of Architectural Design


Architectural trends define a generation, creating ideas for the industry to determine how spaces will influence lifestyles. We have chosen our top 5 trend predictions to keep an eye on in 2016:

  1. Inside and Outside Have Become One

Bringing the outside in has become a popular trend in the UK.  Rooms now blend into the outdoors to create a spacious living area.  Homeowners are putting as much emphasis on the exterior of the house as the interior, choosing to create courtyards that open up the home in order to extend the living and entertaining space.

  1. Larger Windows

With architects designing spaces that allow your indoor living to blend with the outdoor space, large windows and doors remove the separation between indoors and outdoors completely.  Floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass windows and doors are replacing walls to create unobstructed views.

  1. Open Concept

Instead of traditional rooms with four walls and one window, rooms are now becoming visually connected to make the home feel larger.  Rooms are defined by ceilings and floors rather than walls.  These minimalistic spaces connect with each other to create an enlarging effect of the interior space.

  1. Eco Designs

With sustainability and energy conservation more popular than ever, they factor prominently in many client designs.  The availability of sustainable materials to choose from are cheaper than ever, offering sustainable spaces without conflicting style or functional design.

  1. Smart Homes and Home Automation

We’re seeing an explosion of new gadgets for your home that can be managed through your smartphone or tablet.  This may be automating a schedule for your heating, playing music through your speakers or designing your lighting.


Article Source: hmhai.com

Image Source: www.fibrearchitects.co.uk

Parkhill Business Centre Annexe in Wetherby Complete


Our commercial build at Parkhill Business Centre in Wetherby has been completed and is open for business use. The high quality annexe, which is located next to the original building at the Business Centre has been completed following a 6 month project.

The new build provides 21 rental offices to accommodate 2, 3 or 4 members of staff. Many of the offices have adjoining doors, enabling successful businesses to grow in the future without leaving the Business Centre. The annexe comes with a meeting room to seat 6 people, which is available to hire for meetings and training.

The modern building is a great space for small to medium sized businesses to thrive with both Fibre Architects and Parkhill Business Centre excited about the future of the development.

Credit to www.leedspropertyphotographer.co.uk for the brilliant photographs.

Designing Your Home Extension


A high quality extension can enhance the quality of your life along with your property’s value. If you need more space, it’s well worth investing time and money and exploring all the possibilities. Many plans evolve as a practical reaction to real-life needs and desires to create the perfect space for you.

The importance of hiring a professional and experienced architect from the beginning of the project cannot be overstated. They will help you create a practical yet ideal space that stays within your budget. They can also oversee the development of the project to ensure you get the ‘wow’ factor you want.

So how do you ensure the money you spend gets the results you want? We tell you how…

Make it big

If you’re going to extend your home, you may as well make it impressive. Of course, this is without compromising on the size of your garden or quality of your home. Once you have the builders on site, the additional cost of getting an extra metre added is negligible. If you’re going to do it, get the size right.

Make it connect

The last thing you want is for your dream extension to feel disjointed from your home, so consider how it links through. Are the walls okay? Does the décor match? Does the opening to the house need to be larger?

Make it fit

Unless you’re going down the super-contemporary route, your extension has to be in keeping with your existing property. Attention to detail is key so make sure that you use the appropriate materials and correct alignments in order to create an impressive exterior.

Consider layout

Before building your extension, consider how it will work as a room and for what function. Think about the layout of your furniture before designing the space so you know exactly where everything will go comfortably. Remember to think about what that space is going to be used for.

Remember planning

It may seem like the boring part of the job but getting to know the planning laws and abiding by them is very important. Hiring an architect can deal with planning laws to ensure the process is stress free.


Image Source: www.pixabay.com

Liverpool Residential Build Nearing Completion

Liverpool 2

Our residential project in Liverpool is on target to achieve completion by the end of February. Situated at Mendip Road in Liverpool, the development consists of 5 red brick houses including 1 detached and 4 semi-detached properties.

We were approached by Liverpool based property developers, DNAL Investments Ltd following unsuccessful designs from local architects to accommodate 5 houses on the small site. With the task in hand, our team created an immaculately designed site plan that utilised the plot without compromising quality or space.

Each house has been built to the highest of standards, providing style, space and security. With all houses sold prior to completion, the architectural project illustrates our team’s ability to create comfortable, modern living spaces.